Pablo Liebhaber, born in 1992, is a young german performer, drummer, improviser, composer and teacher. He completed his bachelor’s degree in jazz drums at the HfM Würzburg with Bill Elgart and Bastian Jütte, where he attended workshops with Gerald Cleaver, Bob Moses, Gerry Hemingway, Joe Lovano, Billy Drummond, Eric Schäfer, Leon Parker, Michael Wollny and Jerry Bergonzi. In 2019, he completed his master’s degree as an Improvising Artist at the Folkwang UdK.

Pablo Liebhaber can be heard in the field of modern creative, free jazz and improvisation. He also navigates through the interdisciplinary field of tension between contemporary dance, physical theater and acting with his performative and percussive instrumental music, his compositions and with the use of field recordings. His artistic activities include the formation Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber, his solo project Patchlight, the sound-dance-theater production of his interdisciplinary duo Gu Gu Shan with „Anybody Else To Tell Us“ and the research project Melting Pot (funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste).


Luong/Neubauer/Liebhaber – Movement
Luong/Neubauer/Liebhaber – Tales
Pablo Liebhaber – Patchlight
Entrop – Hörstück ohne Worte
Liebhaber/Neubauer – Intermission
Flextett – Symphony

Upcoming events

18.02.2023 20:00, Muinda, D’haus – Unterhaus Düsseldorf
27.03.2023 16:30, Konferenz der Tiere, Witten Saalbau
02.03.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber , Subsol Düsseldorf
03.03.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber , Gitterraum Essen
04.03.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber , Kulturzentrum Franzis Wetzlar
05.03.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber , Raum für Musik Saarbrücken
08.03.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber , Kühlspot Berlin
09.03.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber , Salon Hansen Lüneburg
10.03.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber , Paradiso Bremen
31.03.2023 15:00, Konferenz der Tiere, Seerosensaal Nettetal
05.05.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber+Franco Consales, Makroscope Mülheim
06.05.2023 20:00, Luong / Neubauer / Liebhaber+Franco Consales, Loch Wuppertal