Since 2015 I’m privately teaching Drums and Percussions to single Persons and Groups from all ages, genders and backgrounds. I also held improvisation workshops and workshops about music-making in a theater context.

With my lessons I would like to create a personal approach to music, without the idea of becoming better as a competitive idea. Music is for me communication, so also a getting to know, a connection with your own body and a joy in the expression of feelings. However, for me it is also about the play itself, the playfulness, a freedom in trying things out and a shameless tonal togetherness.

In the form of private lessons (also via Zoom/Skype), I offer an individually designed lessons for drummers of all ages and needs.
Thereby I emphasize the development of own creativity and expression possibilities, as well as the development of musical imagination and the own access and flow on the instrument.

My contents include, depending on needs and desired goals:

Rhythm and sound language (Jazz, Funk, Rock/Pop, HipHop, Reggae, Latin,..)
Technical basics
Movement, flow, expression
Advanced sound production
Musical parameters
Specific study preparation

Photo by Shakespeare Festival Neuss 2022