Research / Experimental Projects

My artistic research includes Sound-Movement Relationships, Fieldrecordings, Rythmicalities of World, Interdisciplinarity and Alexander technique.

Melting Pot
This research approached the idea of a sound dance theater by integrating expressive possibilities from the fields of physical theater and by using field recordings.

Through a artistic encounter with Dancer Hsiao-Ting Lee, the research „Melting Pot“ was created in cooperation with the Festspielhaus Hellerau in June/July 2022, which was funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste within the framework of the TakeHeart graduate residency funding.

Vibrant Skin / Flowing Lungs
A Research on Sound-Movement Relationships

Collaboration Project by Pablo Liebhaber
Music by Pablo Liebhaber and Edis Ludwig
Dance by Hsiao-Ting Lee
Video by Pablo Liebhaber
Founded by Musikfonds e.V. 2022

A Multi-Media Research on everyday’s Agile Light Games and Movements

Filmed and edited by Pablo Liebhaber
Music by Pablo Liebhaber, recorded in May 2021
Dance by Hsiao-Ting Lee
Mixed and Mastered by Nikolaus Recordings ( )
Sponsored by Musikfonds e. V., as part of Neutstart Kultur.