Contemporary Sound Dance Performance
Improvisation and Instant Composition
Sound Dance Theater

Gu Gu Shan

Hsiao-Ting Lee – Performance / Dance / Choreography
Pablo Liebhaber – Performance / Music / Composition

Gu Gu Shan was founded in 2017 by Hsiao-Ting Lee and Pablo Liebhaber as an
Performance Duo between contemporary dance and percussive instrumental music. Their interactive work focuses on Instant Composition, Improvisation and Sound-Dance-Theater Performances.

Photo by ArnaudBeelen

With pieces like Anybody Else To Tell Us, I was wondering, Wayfaring No-w-hereAlong the river or in form of Instant Composition Performances, Gu Gu Shan has been performing at e.g. Maschinenhaus Essen, TicTac Art Center Brussels, Museum Soltau, Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, Lothringair Aachen and “Insel e.V. (Cafe Ada)” in Wuppertal.

All photos above by ArnaudBeelen (TicTac Art Center)
„Anybody Else To Tell Us“ Sound Dance Theater (2022)
(Photo by Pablo Liebhaber)